VMware Certification demand and Career Benefits

Previously, expanding an existing business was a big task which meant investing a lot on computer hardware units and servers to congregate the increasing demands of a growing scale. But thanks to modern techniques and skills i.e. Virtualization, all those tensions are now just a past. With the arrival of virtualization, companies can now simply run multiple virtualized desktops and servers on a single machine and save on cost and space, while being greatly efficient. Now the companies get all these advantages and turn to virtualization in a big way for any alteration and expanding of business.

VMware vSphere is one of the leading and most reliable vendors of Virtualization platform and products. VMware makes possible and very easy for the company to replace many disparate, underutilized devices with a few virtual hosts. This reduces system downtime and cost to a great extent and allows for simple movement, scheduled repair or replacement of hardware.
The demand for skilled and certified virtualization professionals is growing quickly because it’s necessary to stay up-to-date, informed, and knowledgeable about what’s new and what’s changing. Earning a VMware certification is the first step toward gaining industry-recognized expertise in virtual infrastructure. In the highly competitive virtualization market, it is necessary to distinguish yourself with a certification that validates your technical capabilities. VMware Version 6 certifications are offered for these four categories:

• Cloud Management and Automation
• Data Center Virtualization
• Desktop and Mobility
• Network Virtualization

Each category offers different certification levels, such as:

• VMware Certified Associate (VCA)
• VMware Certified Professional (VCP)
• VMware Certified Advanced Professional (VCAP)
• VMware Certified Implementation Expert (VCIX)
• VMware Certified Design Expert (VCDX)

The career benefits of VMware that come with certification:

• Worldwide recognition of your technical knowledge and skills.
• VMware certifications lead to great career prospects at the world’s top companies, employing VMware virtualization technologies.
• At present virtualization job opportunities are more than other certified and skilled technicians.
• Autonomous business professionals can use the ‘VMware logo’ on websites and business cards to drag more business.
• VMware certified professionals are given many complimentary benefits by VMware Certification Authority for future training and courses.

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2V0-602 | Which two options can be used for vCenter…

Question: 5

Which two options can be used for vCenter Server 6.x database availability? (Choose two.)

A. NSX load balancer
B. Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 AlwaysOn Availability Groups (AG)
C. vCenter Server Watchdog
D. vCenter Server Heartbeat
E. Microsoft Windows Server Failover Clustering

Answer: C, D

2V0-642 | What is the common practice that I followed…

Question: 13

What is the common practice that I followed when a new application is deployed in legacy networking?

A. The application is mapped to users upfront.
B. The physical network is updated by the network team each time.
C. Recourse allocation is reconfigured based on the application requirement.
D. Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) solutions are switched off during the first deployment cycle.

Answer: C

2V0-602 | Which three methods can a vSphere Administrator…

Question: 4

Which three methods can a vSphere Administrator use to automatically synchronize time on an ESXi host? (Choose two.)

A. Log in to the VMware Host Client, navigate to Host > Manage > Time & date and click Edit settings.
B. Select the host in the vSphere Web Client, navigate to Configure > System > Time Configuration and click the Edit button.
C. Use the esxcli hardware clock get command in the ESXi Shell.
D. The vicfg-ntp command.
E. Configure the VMware Tools time synchronization.

Answer: B, E

2V0-751 | What are three valid options for writable…

Question: 4

What are three valid options for writable volumes? (Choose three.)

A. Limit the attachment of users’ writables to specific computers.
B. Attach volume on next login or reboot.
C. Delay writable creation for group/OU members until they log in.
D. Attach volume immediately.
E. Prevent user login if the writable is in use on another computer.

Answer: A, C, E

2V0-602 | A VM has the following configuration…

Question: 2

A VM has the following configuration:
2 vCPU
HDD1 10 GB
HDD2 20 GB
A vSphere Administrator creates a snapshot of a powered off VM.
What is the maximum size of all of the snapshots that can be consumed on the datastore?

A. 30 GB
B. 100% of the datastore minus 512 bytes
C. 34 GB
D. 50% of the datastore

Answer: C