1V0-642 | How do virtual networks support physical…

Question: 15

How do virtual networks support physical infrastructure Quality of Service (QoS)?

A. By receiving the help of the NSX gateway.
B. By marking the packets in the encapsulated header.
C. By employing East-West traffic.
D. By restricting the access of VLANs to specific pods.

Answer: B

1V0-642 | An organization has not yet implemented…

Question: 14

An organization has not yet implemented network virtualization in their IT infrastructure. What are the two common management challenges organizations meet in their day-to-day administration? (Choose two.)

A. Be susceptible to malware and virus vulnerabilities in the network.
B. Update physical network manually each time a new application is deployed.
C. Spend more time in provisioning and decommissioning lab environments.
D. Manage frequently occurring network requests manually.

Answer: B, C

1V0-642 | What is the common practice that I followed…

Question: 13

What is the common practice that I followed when a new application is deployed in legacy networking?

A. The application is mapped to users upfront.
B. The physical network is updated by the network team each time.
C. Recourse allocation is reconfigured based on the application requirement.
D. Firewall and Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) solutions are switched off during the first deployment cycle.

Answer: C

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