1V0-062 | How do virtual networks that are natively…

Question: 10

How do virtual networks that are natively isolated from each other provide support for overlapping IP address in a multi-tenant environment?

A. By enabling isolation without using access control lists and firewall rules.
B. By enabling isolation with the help of Active Directory (AD).
C. By employing the spanning tree protocol.
D. By implementing load balancing.

Answer: A

1V0-642 | Which three statements are true about Transport…

Question: 6

Which three statements are true about Transport Zone? (Choose three.)

A. it defines the VXLAN tunnel endpoint (VTEP) members of the VXLAN overlay.
B. It controls the hosts that a logical switch can reach and can span one or more vSphere clusters.
C. It is a solution of ESXi hosts that can communicate with each other across a physical network infrastructure.
D. it extends across one or more ESXi clusters and commonly defines a span of a logical switch.
E. it does not dictate the clusters and virtual machines within the clusters in a particular network.

Answer: B,D,E

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