2V0-751 Exam Dumps | Support for AppStacks with physical

Question: 16

Support for AppStacks with physical endpoints is available with which three constraints? (Choose three.)

A. The workstation has a wired network connection.
B. The workstation has a wired or wireless network connection.
C. The operating system on the workstation is streamed or non-persistent.
D. The AppStack can be delivered either as a VHD or VMDK.
E. The AppStack is delivered by VHD In-Guest mode.

Answer: A,C,E

2V0-751 Braindumps | Which statement is true about…

Questions: 15

Which statement is true about assigning an AppStack for users of an RDS pool?

A. AppStacks are incompatible with RDS pools.
B. Both User and Machine assignments are compatible.
C. User assignment is compatible.
D. Machine assignment is compatible.

Answer: D

2V0-751 Dumps | When an existing AppStack is…

Question: 14

When an existing AppStack is updated, which two actions must be performed? (Choose two.)

A. A VMFS snapshot of the existing AppStack is made.
B. The original appstack is deleted.
C. The AppStack is provisioned to a virtual machine.
D. The existing AppStack is cloned to a new .vmdk.

Answer: CD

2V0-751 | During a new pool creation, an administrator…

Question: 10

During a new pool creation, an administrator notices that the virtual machines are stuck in the Provisioning state during cloning. What is the most effective way to correct this issue?

A. Delete the virtual machines and clone them again.
B. Change the snapshot on the pool to a newly-created one.
C. Disable the pool, save the changes, then enable the pool again.
D. Use vdmadmin –v to delete the stuck virtual machines.

Answer: A

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