1V0-604 | An analysis of an existing network environment…

Question: 6

An analysis of an existing network environment has determined that the time it takes to configure physical network hardware is impacting the ability to quickly make changes to the environment. Which statement best compares the time required to make changes in physical and virtual network deployments?

A. Both types of changes take roughly the same length of time.
B. Physical network changes are eliminated in a virtual infrastructure.
C. Physical network changes take less time.
D. Virtual infrastructure changes take less time.

Answer: B

1V0-604 | When explaining virtual networking to your manager…

Question: 18

When explaining virtual networking to your manager which two points can you make thatdemonstrate advantages of virtual networks over physical networks? (Choose two.)

A. Virtual networks never need to be changed.
B. There is less reconfiguration of cables required.
C. There is less manual reconfiguration required.
D. There is less network hardware required.

Answer: A,D

1v0-604 | Your manager has asked you….

Question: 13

Your manager has asked you to provide two statements explaining the. benefits of network Which two statements are valid and would satisfy this request? (Choose Two)

A. Physical network configuration is manual, slow and expensive.
B. Virtual networks can be configured rapidly and programmatically.
C. Virtual networks eliminate the need for physical switches, saving cost
D. Physical networks are not compatible with advanced cloud solutions.

Answer: A,C

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