VCAP5-DCD | VMware HA can protect application corruption…

Question: 28

VMware HA can protect application corruption issues by using VM monitoring functionality.

A. True
B. False
Answer: B


VM monitoring is the function whereby a virtual machine is restarted when the virtual machine heartbeat has stopped (such as with a blue screen of death on a Windows machine). The machine is simply restarted on the same host (that is, not migrated). However, the system would lose data from the point of corruption.

VCAP5-DCD | If the event of a vCenter failure…

Question: 26

If the event of a vCenter failure, which of the following is not true?

A. VMware vMotion is not possible.
B. DRS functionality is lost.
C. Auto deployment of existing ESXi hosts is impossible.

Answer: C


The Auto Deploy feature requires the vCenter for the original deployment and configuration. Following the first boot, unless a change has been added in the Auto Deploy rules, the subsequent reboots have a dependency on the Auto Deploy server, not the vCenter.

VCAP5-DCD|When designing a system for VMware HA

Question: 25

When designing a system for VMware HA functionality, which of the following considerations is not an impact to the design?

A. The size of the host
B. The number of hosts
C. Application compatibility with VMware platforms using HA

Answer: C

The simplicity of VMware HA is one of the many design benefits. If an application or guest virtual machine is running on a vSphere platform, the system is compatible from a high level with VMware HA. It is purely an automated restart from a functionality perspective.

VCAP5-DCD|A guest VM has an 8 GB allocated to it. What is the size of the swap file?

Question: 24

A guest VM has an 8 GB allocated to it. What is the size of the swap file?

A. 8 GB minus the reservation
B. It depends on the limit configuration.
C. 8 GB

Answer: A

The size of the swap space is the maximum amount of allocated memory that could be reallocated to another VM in the event of contention. This is expressed as the size of configured memory minus the reservation.

VCAP5-DCD | A host has four dual-port network cards.

Question: 23

A host has four dual-port network cards. What is the maximum number of vSwitches that can be integrated with the physical network, assuming that network redundancy is not a requirement?

A. 8
B. 4
C. 64
D. 512

Answer: A


An ESXi physical NIC can be assigned to only one vSwitch at a time. For example, a host with five NICs can have a maximum of five vSwitches that can link to the outside world.

Which of the following should be recommended?

Question: 22

You have been asked to review a vSphere HA design. The admission control policy is set to “The number of host failures tolerated.” The virtual machines vary in size, and use of VM-based reservations is common. Which of the following should be recommended? (Choose three)

A. The platform has reservations removed unless specifically required by an application vendor verified or workload verified requirement.
B. The platform should be configured with reservations based on resource pools
C. The platform should be configured with an appropriate slot size or the admission control policy changed to a percentage based policy.
D. The platform should not be configured with reservations based on resource pools

Answer: ABC

Section: High Availability
An admission control policy tells VMware HA how to calculate the resources it needs to reserve for a cluster. It uses a combination of memory and CPU reservation configuration or, if no configuration exists, a default low reservation.
Chapter 4, The Importance of vMotion, VMware HA, and Fault Tolerance

VCAP5-DCD Sample Question : 19

Question : 19

You are a technical consultant designing a solution for an online retail company. The project vision is to deploy a hybrid cloud, with the internal team developing the website on internal infrastructure and migrating production-ready applications to a hosting provider. The project is expected to ease deployment and require less infrastructure capital expenditure – without lowering application quality.Which of the following is a risk to the project?

A. The solution must adhere to ISO 27001.
B. Change control of the hosting vCloud platform is not under full control of the internal business.
C. The hosting provider outsources the platform support to the platform vendor.
D. The applications to be deployed on the production hosts are not fully developed, although a beta exists.

Answer : B

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