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VCP-510 Course

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VCP-510 Dumps

VMware Certified Professional 5- Data Center Virtualization

The VCP-510 Exam is the just test that you must pass to become a VMware Certified Professional for vSphere 5.0 (VCP5). This profiles talk about how to go regarding pursuing this certification.
Extra Detail:
Number of Questions: 50 questions, with a pre-exam survey of 5 questions..
Types of questions: Multiple choice; some questions will require only one selection while others may require two or more selections. Questions clearly state the number of required selections.
Passing Score: 300, on a scaled score of 100 to 500.
Time Limit: 75 minutes for the exam plus an additional 15 minutes to complete the survey and agreements.

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VCP-510 | What failure will beacon probing…

Question: 27 What failure will beacon probing identify in vSphere networking? A. An improper VLAN configuration on a physical switch port B. A disconnected network cable C. A VMkernel IP mismatch affecting vMotion or...

VCP-510 | Which vSwitch or vSwitch port group…

Question: 26 Which vSwitch or vSwitch port group policy setting allows packets to be received by a virtual machine with different destination MAC addresses than the configured MAC address? A. Promiscuous mode B. Traffic...

VCP-510|A company wants to increase disk capacity

Question: 25 A company wants to increase disk capacity for their vSphere environment Management mandates that: 1. vMotion must work in this environment. 2. The existing LAN infrastructure must be used. Which storage option...