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VCP5-DCV Delta Re certification Exam – Exam Code VCP550D

On 1st October, we released a new delta exam to be eligible re certification applicants for the VCP5-DCV Certification. The exam is given to present VCP5-DCVs who require to renovate their VCP5-DCV credential. The exam will be offered through March 10, 2015 gives some key benefits: Based on latest stuff between the vSphere 5.0/5.1 & vSphere 5.5 exams – you save hours of prep time Obtainable online – you can get it from any place Far less costly – you save cash If you hold a VCP5-DCV certification, this is the fastest route to re certification.
Extra Detail:
Number of Questions: 50 questions, with a pre-exam survey of 5 questions..
Types of questions: Multiple choice; some questions will require only one selection while others may require two or more selections. Questions clearly state the number of required selections.
Passing Score: 300, on a scaled score of 100 to 500.
Time Limit: 75 minutes for the exam plus an additional 15 minutes to complete the survey and agreements.

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VCP550D | To avoid unnecessary planned downtime…

Question: 8 To avoid unnecessary planned downtime, what is the minimum version of VMware Tools that, if installed, will decrease the need for virtual machine reboots following VMware Tools upgrades? A. 5.5 B. 5.1...

VCP550D | Immediately after installing an ESXi host…

Question: 6 Immediately after installing an ESXi host, an administrator needs to examine the following log files: /var/log/hostd.log /var/log/vmkernel.log /var/log/vpxa.log Which two connections would allow an administrator to examine these files? (Choose two.) A....

Which action can be taken to resolve this problem?

Question: 2 An administrator notices that when a virtual machine is placed into a resource pool, a warning indicates that the virtual machine will receive a very large percentage of the total shares for memory....