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VMware Certified Professional - Desktop Exam - Exam code: VCPD510

The VMware Certified expert 5 – Desktop (VCP5-DT) is directed toward Virtualization Systems Engineers who look for to show their capability to install & configure the VMware View setting and allow View Client users. Students must be capable to arrange the vSphere environment, possess a deep considerate of VMware core components & their relation to storage & networking, and be capable in data enter design methodologies After March 30, these two exams will no longer be offered. If you wish to earn VCP-Cloud certification after that date you will need to pass the vCloud Automation Center 5.2 and vCloud Director 5.5 based exam (exam Code VCPC550). Or you could pursue the new VCP6-Cloud certification. This entry was posted in VMware Certification and tagged VCP-Cloud on January 12, 2015 by Jill Liles.
Extra Detail:
Number of Questions: 50 questions, with a pre-exam survey of 5 questions..
Types of questions: Multiple choice; some questions will require only one selection while others may require two or more selections. Questions clearly state the number of required selections.
Passing Score: 300, on a scaled score of 100 to 500.
Time Limit: 75 minutes for the exam plus an additional 15 minutes to complete the survey and agreements.

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VCPD510|A View environment requires a thin client

Question: 24 A View environment requires a thin client to automatically connect to a kiosk mode desktop without a password. How can the administrator accomplish this? A. configure the assigned desktop in Unsecured mode...

VCPD510|What is a prerequisite for configuring

Question: 23 What is a prerequisite for configuring an events database? A. The events database certificate must be created B. An ODBC data source for the events database must exist C. A prefix for...

VCPC550|VMware VCPD510 Exam datastore alarm?

Question: 21 Which three Storage I/O Control conditions might trigger the Non-VI workload detected on the Real 186 VMware VCPD510 Exam datastore alarm? (Choose three.) A. The datastore is connected to an ESX/ESXi 4.0...

VCPD510 Sample Question : 19

Question : 19 What is the maximum number of ESXi hosts in a vSphere cluster used by View Composer if using VMFS datastores? A. 4 B. 8 C. 32 D. 16 Answer : B

VCPD510 Sample Question : 18

Question : 18 What is the default number of linked clone virtual machines that View Composer will recompose at one time? A. 2 B. 8 C. 64 D. 128 Answer : A

VCPD510 Sample Question : 17

Question : 17 What is the maximum supported number of linked clone virtual machines View Composer can provision per pool? A. 512 B. 1024 C. 128 D. 256 Answer : A

VCPD510 Sample Question : 16

Question : 16 What is the default port number that View Composer uses to communicate with other View components? A. 4001 B. 4100 C. 443 D. 18443 Answer : D