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Which two components are delivered by a load-balanced vRealize Automation virtual appliance? (Choose two.)

A. Proxy Agent
B. DEM Worker
C. Identity Manager
D. vRealize Orchestrator

Answer: C,D

Which three roles are available to assign when configuring user access to the Business Management tab in vRealize Automation? (Choose three.)

A. Business Management Controller
B. Business Management Cloud Comparison
C. Business Management Administrator
D. Business Management Pricing Manager
E. Business Management Read Only

Answer: A,C,E

Which two administrator types will be set up during the configuration of a new tenant? (Choose two.)

A. Tenant Administrators
B. Infrastructure Administrators
C. Business Group Administrators
D. Approval Administrators

Answer: A,B

What specific action must an administrator take before deleting an approval policy?

A. Deprecate the policy
B. Unpublish the policy
C. Deactivate the policy
D. Decomission the policy

Answer: C

A user receives a submission page with a red exclamation when attempting to submit a request. Which option best explains this behavior?

A. The approver has NOT approved the request.
B. The user exceeded the allowable resources for that request.
C. Actions have NOT been assigned to that item.
D. The user is NOT entitled to that resource.

Answer: B

In the vRealize Orchestrator client, where can an administrator view the workflow and repair validation errors?

A. Run tab in workflow editor
B. Validation tab in workflow editor
C. Workflow tab in workflow editor
D. Schema tab in workflow editor

Answer: C

Which two statements are correct regarding vRealize Automation nested blueprints? (Choose two.)

A. When working in an outer blueprint, an administrator CANNOT drag and drop a software component onto a machine component within a nested blueprint.

B. Transport zone settings defined in the outer blueprints override transport zone settings defined in nested blueprints.
C. If a user is entitled to the top-most blueprint and NOT the inner blueprint(s), vRA will display an error.
D. All networking and security components in outer blueprints can be associated with machines that are defined in nested blueprints.

Answer: BD

Which messaging system does the vRealize Automation Event Broker System use?

A. JBoss Messaging
B. OpenJMS

C. RabbitMQ
D. ActiveMQ

Answer: C

What is required to allow an XaaS blueprint to provision objects that can be managed from the Items tab?

A. A resource action has been created.
B. A machine blueprint has been created.
C. A software component has been created.
D. A custom resource has been created.

Answer: D

What is the maximum number of layers an administrator should have when creating a nested blueprint?

A. 1
B. 2
C. 3
D. 4

Answer: D

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