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2V0-751 Exam Dumps

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Which two operating systems are supported for App Volumes Management Server? (Choose two.)

A. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Datacenter
B. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 Standard
C. Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 Datacenter
D. Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard

Answer: C,D

What are two minimum requirements for App Volumes 2.x Manager? (Choose two.)

A. 2 vCPU
B. .Net Framework 3.5
C. 4 vCPU

Answer: A,B

Which PowerCLI Execution Policy is required, at a minimum. to run scripts in the VMware Mirage PowerCLI interface?

A. Unrestricted
B. AllSigned
C. RemoteSigned
D. Undefined

Answer: D

Which statement is a restriction associated with the use of instant clones?

A. vMotion is not available.
B. 3D rendering is not available.
C. App Volumes is not compatible.
D. Transparent Page Sharing is not compatible.

Answer: A

Support for AppStacks with physical endpoints is available with which three constraints? (Choose three.)

A. The workstation has a wired network connection.
B. The workstation has a wired or wireless network connection.
C. The operating system on the workstation is streamed or non-persistent.
D. The AppStack can be delivered either as a VHD or VMDK.
E. The AppStack is delivered by VHD In-Guest mode.

Answer: A,C,E

Which statement is true about assigning an AppStack for users of an RDS pool?

A. AppStacks are incompatible with RDS pools.
B. Both User and Machine assignments are compatible.
C. User assignment is compatible.
D. Machine assignment is compatible.

Answer: D

When an existing AppStack is updated, which two actions must be performed? (Choose two.)

A. A VMFS snapshot of the existing AppStack is made.
B. The original appstack is deleted.
C. The AppStack is provisioned to a virtual machine.
D. The existing AppStack is cloned to a new .vmdk.

Answer: CD

Which choice is used to delegate the administration of specific machines, desktop pools, or farms to different administrators?

A. Access Groups
B. Instant Clone Domain Admin
C. Global Entitlements
D. Folders

Answer: A

Which two choices are VMware Mirage App Layer Capture Steps? (Choose two.)

A. Install layer driver.
B. Adjust the INI file with an MSI=1 value.
C. Prepare the reference machine.
D. Capture the Pre-install State.

Answer: C, D

Which three configuration consoles are available in the VMware Identity Manager administrator? (Choose three.)

A. Identity Manager Admin Console
B. Connector Services Admin
C. Policy Management Console
D. Application Management Console
E. Appliance Configurator

Answer: A,B,E

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