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VCP510-DT Braindumps

VCP510-DT Dumps PDF

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VCP510-DT Dumps

VMware Certified Professional 5 – Desktop (VCP5-DT)

The VMware Certified Professional 5 – Desktop (VCP5-DT) is directed toward Virtualization Systems Engineers who look for to reveal their skill to install & configure the VMware View atmosphere & allow View Client consumers. 
Extra Detail: 
85 questions with 7 pre-exam survey questions
Types of questions: multiple choice, single and multiple answer.
Passing Score: 300, using a scaled scoring method 
Time Limit: 90 minutes with an additional 15 minutes for answering questions and for countries where English is not the primary language an additional 30 minutes is added

How to register:

Exam Full Detail in PDF Format:


A View administrator is instructed to use a network share to store the user profile repository for a View Persona Management deployment. What are the two recommended locations for this network share? (Choose two.)

A. A shared folder on a local drive
B. A shared folder on a network server
C. A shared folder on an Active Directory server
D. A shared folder on a network-attached storage (NAS) device

Answer: B,D

Which three items must be configured prior to installing a View Security Server? (Choose three.)

A. Connection Server
B. Security Server External URL
C. Security Server Firewall Exceptions
D. Security Server Pairing Password
E. Security Server Static IP address

Answer: A,C,D

An administrator is receiving an error when trying to connect to View Composer from the View Administrator. The environment has been upgraded from 4.0.x. Why can the connection not be made?

A. The network port is no longer valid.
B. The View Composer service must be restarted.
C. An incorrect certificate was chosen during installation.
D. Security certificates cannot be migrated between versions.

Answer: A

What should an administrator do to ensure that communications between a View Security Server and its associated connection server is encrypted?

A. Configure an IPSec tunnel between the servers.
B. Enable certificate checking on each server.
C. Install a firewall between the servers.
D. Select the same encryption level on each server.

Answer: A

If you create a custom role and do not assign privileges what system-defined privileges are added?(Choose two.)

A. System.Anonymous
B. System.Read
C. System.Write
D. System.Administrator

Answer: AB

Which feature of vSphere networking restricts the inbound and outbound network bandwidth of a group of virtual machines?

A. Differentiated Services Code Point
B. NetFlow
C. Traffic Shaping
D. Port Mirroring

Correct Answer: C

Which two operating systems are supported for a View Transfer Server installation? (Choose two.)

A. Windows Server 2008 32-bit
B. Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 32-bit
C. Windows Server 2003 SP2 64-bit
D. Windows Server 2008 R2 64-bit

Answer : B,D

An administrator is adding a replicated instance of View Connection Server to the environment silently.Which MSI property would be used to identify the instance being replicated?


Answer : B

What is the minimum required level of privileges required to install the View Connection Server?

A. Domain User
B. Domain Administrator
C. Local Power User
D. Local Administrator

Answer : D

An administrator has created a virtual machine that will be accessed from a public kiosk.Management has requested that the virtual machine be reset to a known state once a week or on demand if requested.Which method is the simplest way to meet this requirement?

A. Configure the storage array to be vSphere aware and script routine array snapshot restores of the datastore.
B. Implement a 3rd party imaging server and PXE boot the virtual machine off a static image.
C. Set the VMDKs of the virtual machine to be Independent-Nonpersistent and schedule restarts of the virtual machine.
D. Create Nonpersistent disks for the virtual machine and set the guest OS to reboot once a week.

Answer : C

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