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VMware provides patches for critical vulnerabilities in several of its products,which could lead to arbitrary code execution, privilege escalation and denial of the host operating system service.VMware Workstation and Horizon View Client for Windows platform had more problems memory processing by executing code in the operating invited host or cause a denial of service system.

Workstation,Player and Fusion also had a vulnerability that could allow a denial-of-service attack against the guests or host operating systems.To address the problem of code execution,launched VMware Workstation 11.1.1 and 10.0.6 VMware Player 7.1.1 and 6.0.6 and Horizon client for Windows 3.4.0,3.2.1 and 5.4.2 (in local mode).The company determined the problem aside denial of service on VMware Workstation and VMware Player 6.0.6 for all platforms 10.0.5 and Fusion 7.0.1 and 6.0.6 for OS X.

A separate privilege escalation bug was patched in VMware Workstation, Player and Horizon View Client for Windows, through local attacker to elevate their privileges and execute arbitrary code in the context of the processes involved. To counter this problem, users are advised to upgrade VMware Workstation 11.1.1 or 10.0.7, 7.1.1 or 6.0.7 and Horizon customers VMware Player for Windows is protected (with the Local Mode option) 5.4.2.

VMware open ecosystem welcome new VMware Ready Certified Solutions pair NFV support if NFV main use Brocade, Check Point, Infoblox, Mitel and Netrounds.

The new VMware VMware Ready certified solutions inscriptions not NFV, which further demonstrates its ongoing commitment to support service providers in delivering the adoption of Communications and red virtualization production functions. These new solutions certified Brocade, Check Point, Infoblox, Mitel and Netrounds supporting mobile infrastructure and virtualized WAN-SD.

The complete list of VMware Ready certified solutions for NFV is available on the exchange solution VMware. VMware Ready to NFV allows partners to certify their virtual red features for interoperability with VMware NFV two basic components: NFV Infrastructure Manager and the virtualized infrastructure.

VMware Ready certification provides CSPs with confidence se VMware partner solutions smoothly and efficiently implement VNF, perform and interoperate with VMware vCloud NFV. The VMware Ready program denotes the highest level of support for products and solutions created by our established VMware partners, and customers the confidence of certification reinforces and accelerates new opportunities for collaboration EATS leaders in the cloud.

Brocade vrouter:

The Brocade vrouter deploy CSP allows for integrated high performance, NFV solutions and safely optimized resources. Using the flat side not of data generation Brocade vrouter provides virtual network services that operators can deploy a large-scale show in basic services. These services include advanced routing, secure user and connectivity of sites, traffic management and inspection, and the translation of red address. With the Brocade vrouter, CSPs can provide red end services one end with a mayor of efficiency, not performance mayor and at low cost. The Brocade Virtual Evolved Packet Core previously Achievement VMware Ready certification for NFV.

Check Point VSEC:

Visit the Point Cloud Security VSEC album provides full NFV preventing threats to enable application and service delivery through dynamic virtualized environments safely. Check Point R80 Platform Management provides automation and sophisticated orchestration of advanced features to help organizations effectively manage the safety of local environments and off-site e-mail – from a single, unified console.

Infoblox DDI:

Infoblox offers not integrated and centrally managed to provide operator level DDI (DNS, DHCP and IP address management). Thanks to the patented Infoblox Grid ™ to enable high availability DDI services through a distributed red, Infoblox DDI makes it easier for customers to achieve the highest standards of safety, service time, and operational efficiency. Read the press release here Infoblox.

Mitel (vSBC):

Session Border Controller Mitel delivers software based solution, virtualized and commercially proven optimized for different services today. SBC supports the design and operation of the Mitel network models and flexible cloud architectures and contemporary NFV / RPS; feature models and wireless traffic; rich and sophisticated services TALES definition EATS loud, chat, messaging, presence, messaging, instant sharing of files and VoWiFi; and advanced heavy traffic services. Mitel Evolved Packet Data Gateway has been certified earlier.

Netrounds virtual test agents:

Netrounds active VTA can be launched and used EATS VNF devices to integrate and automate service activation testing, quality control and troubleshooting distance during the full life cycle of services Eats Service Orchestrating NFV. Netrounds automation capabilities “CSP reduce manual effort required for network test and service assurance, greatly reducing operating costs and eliminating the costs associated with the capital use of traditional test equipment and the measured.

“2016 is a year where the spread of NFV moves from proof of concept to deployment, and communications service providers are seeking partners tried to instill confidence that the solutions that move in this massive transition industry” said Gabriele Di Piazza, vice president of solutions, Telco Group NFV VMware.

“Interoperability between NFV infrastructure, the role of virtual and red layers only virtual infrastructure manager can be an obstacle to the implementation of systems. We take a leading position with our VMware Ready program for NFV, and collaboration with our open ecosystem of partners NFV VNFs a validation that interoperate with our virtualized infrastructure to meet the expectations of our mutual customers. ”

VMware vCloud NFV all virtualization and management components required to accelerate NFV based deployment.

VMware vCloud NFV allows CSP to deploy the platform NFV unified, multi-vendor and function Several who is compatible with any application at all stages of cloud evolution. The platform allows the IT, network and operations services to leverage existing knowledge and operational experience with VMware virtualization, providing faster and smoother implementation and management continuums clouds telecommunications.

VMware, the global leader in cloud infrastructure and enterprise mobility, presented the Keynotes General Conference and the list of sponsorships for VMworld Americans today 2017.

USA VMworld 2017 begins on August 27, 2017 in Las Vegas and will feature more than 500 unique sessions VMware and its community of partners and customers. With more than 23,000 participants expected, this year’s conference has the support of over 220 sponsors and exhibitors including global diamond sponsors Amazon Web Services, Dell EMC, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, IBM, Intel and OVH.

The VMware General Keynotes Session, presented on Monday and Tuesday, will have senior executives who demonstrate VMware’s business strategy, customer stories and product offerings today and in the future.

Monday, August 28, 2017 09:00 PDT, the event will begin with Pat Gelsinger CEO VMware and VMware COO, Customer Operations, Sanjay Poonen, who bind to highlight the key technologies responsible for reorganizing industries – cloud, Networks and security.

On Tuesday, August 29, 2017 at 09:00 PDT, CEO of VMware Pat Gelsinger, and Dell’s founder and CEO, Michael Dell will begin the session, followed by Ray O’Farrell, who highlighted with a team of technologists, Can follow when performing a successful digital transformation. The session will highlight the power of VMware, partners and open source cloud-to-edge technologies. VMware experts will guide the audience through technological demonstrations that show how VMware and its ecosystem innovate in exciting and unexpected ways.

The General Keynotes Session will be available live via webcast on the VMworld home page on Monday, August 28, 2017 09:00 AM PDT and Tuesday, August 29, 2017 09:00 PDT: http://www.vmworld.com /En/index.html.

Exchange partners @VMworld

VMware will hold its annual partner exchange on Sunday, August 27, designed for all partners through various channels on the market. VMware frameworks and external stakeholder partners offer the insider’s perspective on cloud computing, digital transformation and security. In addition, members can choose from more than 60 group work sessions, regional sessions and road to market, shops selling solutions and associated technical workshops and sales certification.

VMworld Europe

VMworld Europe 2017 will take place in Barcelona, Spain, Sept. 11 -14, 2017. For more information and registration, please visit: https://www.vmworld.com/en/europe/index.html.

VMworld 2017 Online Resources:
For a comprehensive list of VMworld U.S. 2017 exhibitors and sponsors, please visit:

The VMworld U.S. 2017 agenda is available at:


To register to attend VMworld 2017, please visit: www.vmworld.com.

VMware, Inc., a cloud infrastructure and enterprise mobility, announced that the IDC research firm has named VMware as the market share leader in both the overall management of computer systems in the cloud and software markets data center automation 2,015 based on income. This is the third consecutive year that VMware has exceeded both categories.

“These reports are a validation of our commitment to innovation and indicates that our unified management platform cloud led to good results for our customers in 2015,” management said Ajay Singh, senior vice president and general manager, the business unit cloud VMware. “Our vision and trust and loyalty of our customers in our products helped overcome and maintain a leadership position both in the management of cloud systems and automating data centers. It is an honor to be recognized by IDC for our efforts and continue to work in collaboration with our customers to meet their needs for automation and cloud management today and tomorrow. ”

Leading Management Systems Cloud:

According to the IDC report, “Systems Management Software Market Shares Cloud 2015: year of expansion continues,” VMware’s market share stood at 22.6 percent, more than nine percentage points above the second rank seller.

The report notes that, “The market for management software cloud systems in the world continues to grow rapidly as the number of enterprise customers and service providers to integrate architectures based on the cloud more and more for a wide range of workloads production and DevOps. customers gain confidence in their ability to optimize multi-cloud that respond to the workload to a mixture of in situ and / or public cloud infrastructure, platform development environments, and options software-as-a-service “.

Driving Data Center Automation:

“Global software market data center automation actions in 2015: Year of Success Suite” IDC connects the VMware market growth with its focus on the management of data centers and cloud automation. VMware has made the largest percentage of market share in 2015, 29.1 percent, 19 percentage points higher than the next provider. According to the report, the VMware automation products grew aggressively in 2015, outperforming the market.

The report says: “The demand for data center automation software and SaaS solutions continues to grow as organizations increasingly recognize that modern application architecture and infrastructure strategies require multi-cloud IT operations teams power to quickly provision and update applications through containers and physical resources and virtual cloud to support distributed processing digital initiatives. “

VMware vCloud air equipment has kept a low profile lately, but a recent wave of marketing and sales job ads suggest that the seller is trying to actively rebuild its brand in the hybrid cloud market .

VMware partners told CRN Monday that surprised recruitment activity around vCloud Air given the confusion that surrounded the service, which gained limited acceptance in a public cloud market dominated by Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, and he also saw its ranks are shrinking because of layoffs and attrition.

But VMware is now looking for a US Air vCloud marketing field head, a position that requires 15 years of relevant experience and “managing a multi-million dollar” budget, according to a job offer on its website.

It is not known when the job has been published, but a source close to the location of the source VMware has recently become available and is part of a series of functions vCloud seller is trying to fill.

VMware openings 28 jobs available in the related posts vCloud air in the United States, including sales specialists in Phoenix; Portland, Ore. Anaheim, California. and Austin, Texas. VMware, Palo Alto, Calif., Lists a total of 49 Air vCloud positions available on its site jobs.

A VMware spokeswoman declined to comment on the size of the air vCloud recruitment campaign, but said that the seller remains committed to the company. “As part of our strategy broader cloud, VMware vCloud Air continues to operate as a business platform and a solid track record and strong leadership,” said the spokesman.

VMware vCloud used to launch the air like a “safe landing” in the public cloud for most customers running virtualization software from servers in their data centers. However, the service was limited sales due to lack of key features, such as payment by you-go pricing issues and credit card registration and performance.

Sources told CRN that VMware last August, due to the slowdown in sales of air vCloud considering halting the development of new features for the service, although the seller denied that this was the case.

The vCloud air route has been anything but smooth as the Dell-EMC offer was announced in October. First, the cloud vCloud air was part of a proposed joint venture with EMC VMware parent, VMware, but retired in December after shareholders revolted.

vCloud air equipment was also decimated by layoffs and talented chess. Bill Fathers, the executive who headed the unit since its launch in 2013, left the company in April.

VMware has also forged an infrastructure-as-a-Service and Desktop-as-a-Service Cloud Drive SoftLayer association with IBM, a move that was interpreted by some industry watchers as a sign that VMware may seem out of the market after the Dell-EMC offer is completed.

Despite all the excitement, however, VMware partners that the future is now promising to search for vCloud air.

positioning VMware vCloud no air more like a public cloud, but still manages to attract existing VMware customers who require disaster recovery and desktop-as-a-Service, a leader of a national partner VMware CRN said.

“VMware did a lot for the air network vCloud [supplier partners service provider] and is in the air brand vCloud reconstruction process,” said the executive, who declined to be identified.

Despite the recent turbulent history of air vCloud, VMware still some partners see the value of the offer, and are willing to give to the “rebirth” which offers another look.

“If you rebuild brand VMware vCloud Air, they have to get to me – I do not have faith in the service,” Phillip Walker, CEO of Network Solutions Provider, a VMware partner in El Segundo, California

US cloud and virtualization software provider VMware has established its first joint venture in China in April with Sugon, a company based in Tianjin in high-performance computers, servers, storage products and software systems.

Located in Chongqing, the largest growth in the southwestern municipality of China in the country in 2015 with a 11% rate of GDP growth, the joint venture VMsoft (China) also specializes in cloud computing and virtualization software and services and $ 50 million total investment allocated. VMware global leader in these areas, last year $ 6.6 billion in revenue, a 49% stake in the new company.

VMsoft just launched two products after incorporation, cloud computing management system Cloudview CloudVirtual6.2 SVM Edition 2.0 and virtualization management software, tailored to the needs of local customers for easy to use interfaces, easy maintenance and flexibility for customization and more specific requirements of the security.

“With the technology of next generation virtualization VMware, our products in the cloud are able to avoid stability problems with the platform virtualization compatibility problems and opened in the modernization of the system code”, it is said it Mujun CEO VMsoft.

CTO joint venture Chen Hong said: “China outsize the US as the largest economy in the world in 2026 and the information technology will play an important role in the process greatly enhance the China market and the hope. help local businesses in their digital transformation. ”

The Chinese partner Sugon, also known as Dawning Information Industry, its full name in English, was founded in 1996 with the support of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, its primary current shareholder holds 23%. government customers last year and public services in 59% of turnover Sugon $ 562 million, up 31% from 2014.

Refocus your business data services, Sugon far opened 22 centers to cloud computing across town, or “clouds of the city,” accessible to local governments, organizations, companies and individual residents . the company plans to launch a total of 100 city sky throughout China, including Chongqing, over the next five years.

The joint venture – regularly for business overseas to access the Chinese approach to procurement – was awarded the preferred supplier status for the acquisition of cloud computing and virtualization Chongqing government departments.

“Chongqing has developed specific plans for the long-term development, which is very consistent with our development direction,” says the president of Sugon Li Jun, a leading high-tech leaders who met with the president of China Xi Jinping in Seattle last September in a press release earlier. “Chongqing a demonstration effect in the regions of central and western China.”


London, United Kingdom, July 22, 2014 – VMware, Inc. (NYSE: VMW), the Global leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure, today Announced the expansion of ITS VMware vCloud® Service Hybrid ™ UK with the Addition of a new data center in Chessington. The opening of the data center in Chessington complements VMware Existing data centers in the United States, Japan and Slough in the U.K.

Since the launch of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service in Europe in February, VMware Also Announced the disaster recovery (DR) and data protection services on vCloud Hybrid Service, making DR and services Easier, more efficient and accessible for security agencies. In Addition, in May, VMware Announced Pivotal CF would be supported by the hybrid vCloud service.

Since VMware VMware vCloud Introduced a hybrid service in the U.K., more than 800 people in partner Organizations accredited Were in EMEA.

ACCORDING to a survey Among U.K. Earlier This Year VMware customers, 65 percent Believed That the hybrid cloud Could help meet the Demands business more quickly. Eighty percent Said They needed a solution That Makes Their public cloud as easy to manage Their own infrastructure; while 85 percent Said Their public cloud are not integrated or partially integrated to Their data center.

“Our customers Have started off using our hybrid service on specific projects for the easy, affordable and seamless movement of workloads Between private and public cloud, Knowing That They can move Their Existing applications and new front and back with Ease” Said Gavin Jackson, General manager and vice president, cloud services, EMEA, VMware. “Now They Have seen what VMware vCloud Hybrid Service can help, They are turning to it to power Their strategic transformation programs. It is the real engine of change in the company and Allows companies to consume services in a totally new way. – all based on a reliable and secure infrastructure VMware in Which They Have confidence, we look forward to helping the commercial success of our customers with VMware vCloud hybrid Service “.

According To Kevin Turnbull, IT Manager, Bluefin Solutions: “With VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, we can now move seamlessly data and applications freely across private and public cloud environments without Having to learn a new set of tools We can Also create a full hybrid. cloud model based on technology we know and trust That, to support critical workloads of the enterprise.

“We can see the value of VMware vCloud Hybrid Service for the years to come Currently, all of our basic systems are in place, but eleven the support materials you eat con sus end of life, we seek to move everything -. It Including critical applications – a completely hybrid cloud with VMware environment. ”

The VMware Partner Network has played a role in the success to date of hybrid VMware vCloud service, That can be sold to customers in the same way That all VMware products and solutions.

Nick Henry, responsible for transformation and cloud services, Computacenter (UK) Ltd., said: “With VMware vCloud Hybrid Service, VMware has created a game-changing service agility combined Activation With cost efficiency is the key differentiator for VMware vCloud hybrid Service. . The service offers seamless integration of the data center from a client to the public cloud can be So THAT IT Easily and Regularly consumed by the two resource pools. We look forward to helping our customers continue to use IT to transform Their infrastructures. “

Report on the fourth quarter results on Tuesday, VMware announced to raze 800 positions, reducing guidance for next year and replace its CFO.

The latest series of problems for the software vendor EMC Corp. controlled data center is further proof that the proposed acquisition by Dell Inc. EMC largest ever devastation bristles $ 67 billion-the technology sector the jewel in the crown reputation federation EMC. VMware shares fell more than 40% since the acquisition was announced late last year.

“2015 was a difficult year for investors VMware period,” said CEO Pat Gelsinger in a conference call with analysts. However, he added, “we believe that our expanded relationship with Dell will be very positive for our customers and for our shareholders.”

“The mouth of the timber is paralyzed VMware acquisition in the short term,” said Brent Thill, an analyst at UBS AG.

For VMware, the EMC-Dell deal was the first painful blow from one to two strokes. The second came from the cloud computing leader Amazon.com Inc. and Microsoft Corp., which have been courting VMware customers of the company’s sales of computing power over the Internet. Amazon has seen its business grow by 78% cloud during its most recent quarter. It is set to release its report earnings later Thursday.

These services help avoid the need for enterprise data centers running VMware software. VMware is widely regarded as a laggard in the market for cloud computing.

VMware in October announced plans to participate in a joint venture with EMC cloud, known Virtustream. But the agreement was not popular with shareholders and companies sank VMware plan two months later. The layoffs this week have reduced staff VMware vCloud cloud computing Air business unit, which further compromises the position of a cloud tacit admission of the company in this market competition is too fierce.

Mr. Gelsinger said Tuesday that the service would have an accent “closer” in 2016.

Mr. Thill said now may make sense for VMware to pursue partnerships with leaders like Amazon cloud, a strategy already pursued by Hewlett Packard Enterprise, which last year gave up competing head to head with Amazon’s cloud market .

“The reality is that if customers need who want to be on Amazon, but run many VMware … is in the best interest of both companies to work together,” said Mr. Thill.

Observers fear that the recent selloff of tech stocks could hinder the acquisition of the business of high financial leverage Dell, making it more difficult for the company to sell off $ 10 billion of assets that are expected to are in the block. EMC shareholders should vote on the acquisition in early May

VMware also ratchet down their earnings forecasts for the year, saying that 2016 revenues will be between $ 6,785 and $ 6.935 billion, an increase of 2% to 4% on the figures for 2015. Analysts had forecast revenue totaling $ 7.2 billion, up 9% next year, according to data compiled by Thomson Reuters.

The guidance reduction is primarily due to the weakening of the great savings in countries like Brazil and China, as well as “more focused approach directed to the cloud context,” Jonathan Chadwick, whose company Tuesday replaced as chief financial officer, said in a telephone interview. Mr. Chadwick had been with VMware for three years and will be replaced by Zane Rowe, former chief financial officer of EMC.

VMware shares nearly 4.4% in after-hours operations fell Tuesday.

For the fourth quarter, which ended in December, VMware announced adjusted earnings of $ 1.26 per share on revenue of $ 1.87 billion profit. Both numbers exceeded expectations of $ 1.25 per share and $ 1.52 billion analysts.

Think of VMware Workstation VMware Workstation 12 and 11 Service Pack 1,the latest version of the commercial virtualization environment for desktop machines chosen incremental changes add little,through the official support for the latest generation of hardware and the latest revisions operating systems either as a guest or host VMware,That is,there is not much one of a virtualization platform desktop workstation not want already provide.

The most important new feature is the support for Windows 10 as a host and as a guest in the integration has both scenarios.Acknowledges on the guests,car workstation side,the installation functions now works with Windows 10.This means that the Windows 10 installation CD Pop (or ISO),the workstation will realize new operating system to a virtual machine to start,and the configuration is automatically performed.I tried this with the latest Windows 10 ISO and a new VM,and the installation was the work of a few clicks.

VMware Workstation two other functions have also been expanded to include support for Windows 10. The first is the mode of the unit,the applications are displayed in a virtual machine directly to the host desktop as if they were allowed native applications.I was not put to the test in a position either touch and gestures from the host operating system were the guests in the drive mode (I lack a touch screen) transmitted, but other applications running on the unit behaved as expected.These include Windows applications Universal and old school,native Windows applications.

Another advanced feature is the physical ability of Windows 10 installations to migrate virtual machines.Apparently there is nothing about the process for Windows 10 instead of migrating earlier versions of Windows.The only requirements are disabling the UAC will be migrated to your computer and download the free utility independent VMware vCenter Converter (to do only once for a given installation of VMware Workstation).

VMware has also updated the roster of Linux distributions that run under Workstation 12 Ubuntu 15.04, Fedora 22, CentOS and RHEL 7.1,and Oracle Linux 7.1 are all officially supported.New to that list is VMware’s own Project Photon,a stripped-down Linux distribution designed as a container host.Like Windows 10, all of these new Linux distros will run on previous versions of Workstation Workstation 12 merely gives you the modest benefit of formally recognizing them and perhaps the comfort of official support.

Another change to the workstation 12 is driven by the latest trends, support for 4K monitors the user interface of the application,as well as support for multiple monitors with different DPI settings.The latter can not as an add-on sound vital, but it is very useful if your configuration consists of a main monitor with a shrill points and one or more auxiliary units trifle.

Most of the other voices are Polish innovative UI anything but comfortable. IPv6 is now working for NAT connections between the guest and host operating systems.Here in general interface of VMware can be broken up into separate windows à la Chrome browser tabs.From the host computer, as all running virtual machines to suspend automatically,with little discernible impact on system downtime.

12 global work station has a number of nice, but modest improvements.If currently the workstation 10 or workstation 11 is 12 workstations adds little to justify $150 upgrade.If you do not currently use a current version of the workstation and are looking for a better experience it provides free VirtualBox,workstation 12 is certainly the virtualization product more performant, polished,and feature rich desktop available. A $250 per child,it is also the most expensive.

Although Windows 10 is installed and working in VMware Workstation 11 VMware Workstation 12 Pro includes many improvements to make your experience even more Windows 10 installation near a naked latest operating system from Microsoft metal desk.You can all the new features of Windows 10, test the Cortana.And if the workstation 12 Pro in Windows 10 is installed, you can ask Cortana to throw for you.VMware Workstation Windows 10 and 12 Pro are a perfect match for those of you running Windows 10 skeptics who want to try before buying.Do you have the opportunity to all the new features of Windows 10 on a secure sandbox environment trying as before to see the full step.

• Powerful 3D Graphics – DirectX 10* and OpenGL 3.3 support
• High Resolution Displays – 4K UHD and QHD+ support
• Enterprise Quality Virtual Machines – 16 vCPUs, 8TB virtual disks, and 64GB memory
• Virtual Machine Video Memory – Up to 2GB
• Latest Hardware Support – Broadwell and Haswell CPU support
• Enhanced Connectivity – USB 3.0, Bluetooth, HD audio, headsets, printers, and Skype support
• Enhanced IPv6 Support – IPv6-to-IPv4 NAT (6to4 and 4to6)
• VSphere and vCloud Air Support – Drag and drop VMs between environments
• Restricted and Encrypted VMs – Protection and performance enhancements
• Expiring Virtual Machines – Time-limited virtual machines
• VMware Compatibility – Create one; Run anywhere on VMware software

The improvement is all 12 Pro workstation, there are still some technical problems.For example, the virtual machine has access to the console,and say to the console of the virtual machine in VMware Workstation,power is sometimes sluggish.You ghosting keyboard bits,which means that when you enter,you will see two or more repetitions,which entered.This makes entering passwords a little frustrating.The use of a remote protocol such as RDP or SSH, a contact in the virtual machine but no abnormalities such keyboard.

Workstation Performance Pro 12 is faster boot times and virtual machines are very short.Reaction on the console of the virtual machine is greatly improved, especially in the latest hardware.Expect the same level of performance on older hardware that was in previous versions of the workstation.In my now approaching four years to turn the old laptop CPU fan,if I have a virtual machine or if i with a program on the virtual machine, such as a browser.VMware has solved the problem of video memory and earlier versions can now the most intensive graphic programs run on a virtual machine, such as AutoCAD or Photoshop without hesitation found in previous versions of the workstation.Again,the latest hardware recommended, as the workstation CPUs 12 utilizes new and advanced virtualization hooks.

You need the workstation virtualization capability has 12 Pro on a 64-bit operating system (Windows 7,8.x or 10) and a CPU.You can create multiple virtual machines running simultaneously on the workstation 12 Pro,depending on the resources of your PC.Remember least four gigabytes of RAM for the host operating system and at least one gigabyte for each virtual machine reserve.Also be prepared to burn a significant amount of hard disk space for Windows 10 virtual machines through a basic installation of Windows 10 requires approximately eight gigabytes of storage and the recommended size for the virtual disk is 60 GB.Prepare yourself for patches, applications and the growing of C:\Windows\WinSxS seems every plague.My one week WinSxS folder Windows 10 installation of the VM-old has to grow almost 35,000 files to a size of 3.32GB and seen these folders to plan more than 20 GB, so accordingly.

Yes, Microsoft knows the WinSxS folder is a problem and offers some clean-up tasks that you can try.Fortunately in a virtual machine, you can expand the C: drive where the WinSxS folder must reside.The reason I mention this here is that it can become a problem quickly for a laptop hard drive.VMware virtual machine has increased capacity to handle graphics,audio and conference calls.Work station 12 is its impressive list of new features to significantly improved performance over previous versions.While this is not a formal review of the workstation 12 Pro, I can recommend the upgrade ,especially if your computer is relatively new.His performance enhancements alone are well worth the price.

To test Windows 10 on your computer current desktop,workstation 12 Pro is the perfect answer without compromising installation of bare-metal system trusted Windows 7.I do not think that 12 per workstation is a single currency,it is not.It also supports the latest and greatest Linux communities to offer,from Ubuntu,Red Hat,Fedora have,and dozens of other distributions.On the other workstation has 12 Pro the ability for Nido virtualization technologies for their own research Install VMware ESXi, VMware photon,and Hyper-V for the assessment,training, or try on a workstation virtual machine 12 Pro.The full version costs $249.99,but you upgrade for only $ 99.99 or $149.99 ,depending on your current registered version.Do you have VMware Workstation 12 attempts per? If so,what do you think? And if you’ve tried,you have Windows 10 installed as a virtual machine? Use the comment section to others about their experience with the workstation 12 Pro and Windows 10 virtual machines to tell on.

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