1V0-601 Exam Dumps | An administrator is working in a bank that

Question: 19

An administrator is working in a bank that has a highly regulated, secure environment. The bank faces an increasing number of clients, and the administrator is finding II monitor the environment and report any changes. Which VMware product can help provide a solution?

A. vSphere Hypervisor
B. vRealize Operations Manager
C. Air Watch
D. Virtual SAN

Answer: B

1V0-601 Exam Dumps | VMware vSphere 6.x empowers user

Question: 18

VMware vSphere 6.x empowers users with which two capabilities? (Choose two.)

A. Provide advanced availability protection.
B. Virtualize scale-up and scale-out applications.
C. Provide detailed compliance check.
D. Allow self-service file recovery.

Answer: A,B

1V0-601 Exam Dumps | What are two advantages of Network

Question: 17

What are two advantages of Network I/O Control? (Choose two.)

A. Monitors the virtual machine storage.
B. Performs load-based teaming.
C. Enforces network bandwidth limit on the virtual distributed switch.
D. Enforces traffic isolation

Answer: B,C

1V0-601 Exam Dumps | Why does iSCSI use

Question: 16

Why does iSCSI use hardware and software initiators?

A. To initiate connectivity to hardware and software components
B. To enable storage of data.
C. To obtain native support within ESXi.
D. To establish network connectivity.

Answer: C

1V0-601 Braindumps | A network administrator notices that…

Questions: 14

A network administrator notices that a few virtual machines run slowly every morning. To troubleshoot the issue the administrator needs to analyze the total traffic sent I virtual machines. Which feature would the administrator use for troubleshooting?

A. Virtual LANs
B. Traffic Shaping
C. NetFlow
D. Port Mirroring

Answer: D

1V0-601 Braindumps | How does fault tolerance provide…

Questions: 13

How does fault tolerance provide continuous availability?

A. By providing the availability required by most applications running in virtual machines, independent of the operating system and application running in it.
B. By using a feature called Changed Block Tracking (CBT), which backs up content.
C. By creating and maintaining a secondary virtual machine that is identical to primary machine.
D. By using the host as the medium to provide asynchronous replication of datastores.

Answer: C

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