1V0-603 Dumps | A company has purchased several

Question: 16

A company has purchased several ESXi hosts that contain multiple hard disks and SSD drives. Which technology will allow the company to combine the hard disks and SSD drives into a software-based high-performance storage pool?

A. Storage APIs
C. Virtual SAN
D. High Availability

Answer: C

1V0-603 Dumps | An administrator wants

Question: 15

An administrator wants to make sure that a cloud environment is performing as expected and isnot exhibiting any serious problems.Which vRealize operations super Metric will help analyzeworkload anomalies and faults?

A. Risk
B. Status
C. Performance
D. Health

Answer: A

1V0-603 Exam Dumps | An administrator is developing a…

Questions: 14

An administrator is developing a workflow for a company’s test and development environment and needs to run a script that will generator a work order ticket.
Which VMware product provides out of the box plug-ins to assist the administrator in completing this task?

A. vRealize Operations
B. vRealize Orchestrator
C. vCenter Server
D. vCloud Connector

Answer: B

1V0-603 Exam Dumps | Which vRealize Automation integrated product…

Questions: 13

Which vRealize Automation integrated product allows an administrator to easily automate work flows for provisioning decommissioning and the configuration of virtual workload?

A. vCloud Automation
B. vRealize Operations
C. vCloud Connector
D. VMware NSX

Answer: A

1V0-603 Exam Questions | A company has experienced significant…

Questions :11

A company has experienced significant growth over the past year and needs a more streamlined method of deploying large numbers of virtual machines and virtual networks. Which two components can be implemented within the company’s virtual environment to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

A. vRealize Automation
B. vCloud Air
C. VMwate NSX
D. vCenter Operations

Answer: AC

1V0-603 Braindumps | A company is evaluating the…

Question : 10

A company is evaluating the deployment of a new private cloud and the manager has concernsabout the department’s ability to effectively manage this new solution.Which statement represents a valid Management concern?

A. Your solution must provide mobile tenants maximum connectivity and flexibility without requiring themto host their own VPN services.
B. Your solution should ensure that virtual machines are stored on the “right” storage for the job.
C. Your solution must be able handle seasonal/burst utilization without paying for unused capacity duringnon-peak months.
D. Your solution needs the ability to roll back broken or unauthorized configuration changes to a previous knowngoodstate.

Answer: D

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