VCP550D Test Questions | An administrator determines that…

Questions : 14

An administrator determines that a vSphere Standard Switch is dropping all inbound frames to a specific virtual machine. The behavior appeared in the last two days. Which configuration setting, if changed during this timeframe, would result in this behavior?

A. MAC address changes
B. Forged Transmit
C. Traffic Shaping
D. Jumbo Frames

Answer: A

VCP550D Free Practice Test | A vSphere administrator upgrades a…

Question: 13

A vSphere administrator upgrades a version 5.1.0 vSphere Distributed Switch to version 5.5.0. Another vSphere administrator, unaware of this change, tries to add an ESXi version 5.1.0 host to the switch and fails. What is causing this addition of the ESXi host to fail?

A. The upgraded switch supports version 5.5 ESXi hosts only.
B. The upgraded switch must be set up for backwards compatibility.
C. The switch failed to upgrade properly.
D. A version 5.5 ESXi host must be added to the switch before the 5.1 host.

Answer: A

VCP550D Practice Test | Which two precautions should a vSphere…

Question: 12

Which two precautions should a vSphere administrator take before increasing the size of a VMFS datastore? (Choose two.)

A. Unmount the datastore
B. Perform a rescan to ensure that all hosts see the most current storage
C. Quiesce I/O on all disks involved
D. Shut down all virtual machines stored in the datastore

Answer: B, C

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